Zuni Inlay Pendant

Zuni Inlay Pendant


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Zuni jeweler, Ola Eriacho, made this petite sterling silver pendant with an inlaid sunface on the bale.  She inlaid the bottom dangle with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, red coral, jet, and mother of pearl.  The bottom has two hand stamped sun on each side on the bottom. 

Size: 1.25" H x .5" W

Zuni jewelers are well know for this type in inlay.  Each stone is cut to exactly fit the into the design the jeweler has imagined.  Even the thin lines are cut and inlaid stone!  The oldest Zuni inlay jewelry used Sleeping Beauty turquoise, natural red coral, jet and mother of pearl.  More contemporary Zuni jewelers will sometimes use other stones.

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