Zuni Inlaid Dragonfly Earrings

Zuni Inlaid Dragonfly Earrings


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Zuni jeweler, Angus Ahyite, made these beautiful dragonfly earrings.  The wings are inlaid jet, natural red coral, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and spiny oyster shell.   The body and head have six Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.  The head has two sterling silver dots for eyes.  They dangle from sterling silver hooks.  More about dragonflies below.

Size: 2.25" H x 1.5" W

Dragonflies have different, yet similar meanings throughout Native America.  In Zuni, they are messengers between this world and the next and are related to the coming rains and corn.  In other tribes they are strong protectors, as dragonflies are one of the very few creatures that can fight while flying backwards.  They are known to watch our backs and offer protection.  Their symbol is a vertical line with two horizontal bars, and can be seen on war shirts, shields and painted on horses going into battle.