Tiny Bears & Beavers

Tiny Bears & Beavers


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What a sweet collection of tiny fetish carvings!  The green serpentine bear was carved by Della Haloo and has inlaid turquoise eyes.  The bear with the arrowhead bundle on top was carved by Gabe Burns.  The two beavers were carved from Picasso Marble and have inlaid turquoise eyes and were carved by Angel Yatsatte.  They are all under 1" in diameter.  More about bears and beavers below

Bears are the guardians of the western gate in Zuni Pueblo.  They are associated with healing at all levels, protection, and a reminder to restore oneself during the winter months.  In some traditions a part of the bear is rubbed all over infants to imbue them with power, strength, and good health.

As we well know, beavers are very industrious creatures.  They cut down trees with their teeth and drag them to the water to make their dens.  They are creatures of the land and the water who have devised a way to birth their babies under water but still stay dry.  Put this carving where you will see it if you would like to be inspired to mobilized to action.

Traditionally, Zuni carvings are symbolically fed cornmeal.   Each Zuni fetish comes in a box with a descriptive card and a tiny bit of corn meal to tide them over until they reach you.