Navajo Channel Inlay Earrings - Post

Navajo Channel Inlay Earrings - Post


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These Navajo handmade sterling silver channel inlay earrings catch the light!  Natural turquoise is set in the post as well as the dangles below, along with lapis and opal.  Sterling silver is between the stones along with a band of silver set in the center.  The dangles are slightly bowed.  "TC" and "Sterling" are stamped on the inside of each earring.  More about channel inlay below.

Size: 1.375" L x .25" W

Channel inlay jewelry is made by sawing out two pieces of silver into the desired shape for the sides and bottom of the piece.  Silver frames for the stones to nestle are cut out and soldered onto the bottom and sides.  If the piece is domed, this is done at this stage.  The stones are then cut, shaped, and placed into the areas that have been built to create the design.  If there are engraved details, they are done at this stage.  The piece is then sanded and polished.  This type of jewelry making is difficult which is why we do not see too many jewelers making it anymore.