Naja & Turquoise Earrings

Naja & Turquoise Earrings


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These naja and turquoise dot earrings by Navajo jeweler Lorraine Chee are just thing for days when you want a small statement on your ears.  They dangle from sterling silver wires.  More about najas below.

Size: 1.5" H (includes wires) x .5" W

Najas are a prominent symbol in Navajo jewelry and are always the center piece in squash blossom necklaces.  I was told they are a feminine symbol, and their crescent shape represents the arms of a matriarch and the generations of the past and future.  It symbolizes ease of movement, paths of least resistance for the family, even during challenging times.  There is a sense of open arms in the shape of the naja that is soothing.  Some najas have hands on each end.