Golden Corn Maiden Earrings
Golden Corn Maiden Earrings

Golden Corn Maiden Earrings


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Zuni Jeweler, Gloria Chattin, made these glowing Corn Maiden earrings from gold lip Mother of Pearl.  A beautiful corn stalk is engraved on one side, the corn kernels are impeccable engraved, and she inlaid coral, lapis, and turquoise in the center.  Gloriously beautiful!  More about Corn Maidens below.

Size: 3" L (includes wires) x 1" W

Corn maidens represent everything good about being a woman: strong, kind, compassionate, nurturing, and powerful.  There are many Indigenous stories about how corn was brought to the people at a time when there was hunger, and how a sacred, sometimes other worldly, female being brought them corn.  Corn maidens come with a card detailing the meaning, the carver, and the material they are carved from.