Kewa Pueblo Cloudy Sky Inlaid Earrings

Kewa Pueblo Cloudy Sky Inlaid Earrings


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Robert Crespin from Kewa Pueblo created these lovely mosaic inlay earrings.  The turquoise is lighter and darker turquoise with gray matrix that resembles clouds.  Turquoise, jet, white buffalo turquoise, and catlinite are inlaid on the side.  They dangle from sterling silver wires.

Size: 2.25" H (includes wire) x .5" W

Mosaic Inlay Jewelers from Kewa Pueblo have been creating mosaic inlay jewelry for over a thousand years.  Some of the ancient Kewa jewelry can seem quite modern in their designs.  The stones, and/or shell, are cut into shapes which are then put together like a puzzle on a backing.  The backing can be shell, jet, or other materials like records or sheets of plastic which was used during times when materials were hard to come by.  Prior to colonization and the use of metals in Native American jewelry making, the earrings were hung on handmade string.

Many of the Pueblos in New Mexico took on Spanish names after colonization and are now taking back their original names.  Kewa Pueblo is the traditional name of the place and the people.  It was known as Santo Domingo Pueblo for many, many years.